Bear SQL 1.21 available

BearSQL 1.21 is now available via the Download page. Minor fixes to support PHP versions 5.3.0 and above.

  • Renaming of the goto function, now a PHP language operator.
  • Removal of eregi and split both depreciated in PHP 5.3.0

PHP Goto

PHP implemented a goto operator as of PHP 5.3. Unfortunately bearSQL had a function with the same name. BearSQL version before and including 1.20 will not work with PHP 5.3 or greater.

I will package up a new version for release as soon as possible.

Bear 1.20 Released

A new version of Bear SQL 1.20 is available from the download page. This version focus was on improving accessibility and database abstraction with the aim of enabling support for other database types in the future.
Switch user functionality was added to allow easy management of different databases as different users, it requires configuration in settings.

The language file has been changed and the Dutch version available for download updated.


Navigation fix for PHP4

Bear SQL 1.01 has been released to fix issues with PHP4. The menu used features not supported by PHP4, and has been updated. If you are using PHP 5 and Bear SQL1.0, there is no real reason to upgrade at this stage as no new features were added.

Future versions are looking at WCAG 2 Conformance and support for other Database systems.

Bear SQL 1.0 released

Bear SQL version 1.0 has been released and is available from the download page. Many thanks go out to Maximiliaan Folmer and nlstart for testing, suggesting improvements and providing the Dutch language file.

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